Friday Cheers – June 30th

Friday Night Cheers – June 30th

Another Friday, another Cheers! This last Friday, June 30, Hallsley residents gathered at the Clubhouse to get away from the clouds and rain to enjoy live music, great food and beverages. Parked outside the clubhouse was the The Dog Wagon food truck that was satisfying a lot of hungry customers. A band was set up by the pool by the newly constructed patio that had residents either dancing or sitting back relaxing and enjoying the music. On the back deck of the clubhouse was Evolution Craft Brewing Co. that had set their new summer craft beer on the bar for residents to try out for free.

While the adults spent time catching up with friends and neighbors, the children of Hallsley had so issue of separating from their parents to swim around and play in the pool. Friday Cheers at Hallsley are an amazing time to show residents how much we appreciate their commitment and dedication to the community.