Hallsley High Tides Swim Meet

Hallsley Swim Team

Hallsley Swim Team – June 27 High Tides Second Swim Meet

The Hallsley High Tides hosted their second swim meet of the season on June 27 against the Hampton Park Sharks. The competition started at 6:30 p.m. with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, performed by Carrie Underwood – unfortunately not live in person. The buzzer sounded off with swimmers diving head first into their lanes to start the competition. Cheers and encouragement surrounded the patio from proud coaches, family, and friends.

Next to the swimmers’ “eat my bubbles” sharpie tattoos on their backs, food was a big hit that evening. Pizza flew through the crowd to keep everyone energized and carbed up for the meet, and an ice cream truck was parked outside the Hallsley Clubhouse for those who had room to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Hallsley’s amenities proved once again that they can support their residents and guests with a great experience.