Architectural Integrity

Hallsley has a stringent architectural review process of all house plan components such as colors, materials, massing, and siting on the lot to preserve specimen trees. Surrounding homes are carefully considered. Harmony, with diversity, is the goal. Here are some of Hallsley’s architectural distinctions.
1. Spacious porches for socializing.
2. Side-entry, recessed, or carriage house garage doors.
3. Heavily detailed exterior trim.
4. Enhanced landscaping in addition to sod & irrigation.
5. Architecturally correct mutton pattern windows.
6. Steep roof pitches.
7. Gable overhangs of 12″ minimum.
8. Strict shutter widths.
9. Column widths of 8″ minimum.
10. Stained or painted front doors…no metal.
11. Driveways use brushed, broom-finished, or stamped concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate, or pavers.
12. Vinyl siding not allowed.