Rocking Around Hallsley

Residents of Hallsley have been hunting for rocks. The Hallsley Mystery Hunt encourages families to get outside and discover the over 6 miles of walking, biking, and nature trails in Hallsley. Over a mile of trails have been added along the Bayou Boardwalk located next to Tom Sawyers Fishing Pond across from the Hallsley Residents Club. The boardwalk winds through the marsh where a few strategic rocks are placed.

The mystery hunt begins at the Bayou Boardwalk where children, parents, and dogs can go on a magical walk along the boardwalk to spy our resident beaver, graceful blue heron, and a variety of birds native to the over 200 acres of Hallsley conservation land. And if you look carefully you will notice several mystical painted rocks along the way!

The rocks reveal a clue to solve. Residents who correctly answer the mystery are entered into the raffle for a gift card.

Congratulations to William Kaplan, the Foldenauer Family, and the Corazzini Family who each correctly identified that there are 4 fish on our ‘Under the Seas’ manhole murals for our October mystery. Each winner will receive a gift card to the venue of their choice!