East West Initiates Enrichment Program At Hallsley

Hallsley Pond MistEast West Partners is humbled with the Hallsley “Best In America” award – making it our third such national award.

We are – and have always been – obsessed with excellence and innovation, and while we have achieved a high level of success, we believe there is always room for improvement and growth. And it is in that area of personal growth and enrichment that, as we continue our endeavor to create ‘ultimate communities’, we feel we can and should add another dimension to our array of lifestyle amenities and features.

Internally, over the years, we have always had an informal version of ‘East West University’ going on in our company. This has included multitudes of speakers and resources, corporate reading assignments, membership and attendance at professional associations, a library with hundreds of books and tapes (which obviously goes way back!), seminar and training excursions, an internal ‘blog’ of educational and stimulating articles and publications, etc. (even culminating with a publication, Timeless Wisdom: A Treasury of Universal Truths, is a collection of mankind’s greatest thoughts on the art of living).

We believe that this long-term focus on personal development and growth has been profoundly beneficial to all of our associates. Long story short, we have decided to formalize the East West University and begin to selectively share it with some of our communities. And appropriately, we wish to commence with our stellar community (and residents!) of Hallsley.

So, we are announcing the inauguration of the East West Enrichment And Personal Development concept that will initially be comprised of four components:

• The Library of Life-Changing Books clubhouse consists of many carefully chosen books that can change lives. (Click HERE for a list and summaries)
• A summer enrichment program for Hallsley students, with monetary incentives to encourage and reward them for pursuing personal growth.
• A Speaker Series that will offer resources tailored to Hallsley residents’ interests and issues.
• An East West blog where we will periodically share and make available stimulating articles on pertinent topics.

While we realize this may not be for everyone (nothing ever is!), we do hope that it adds but one more worthy component to the Hallsley life, and that some people will enjoy and embrace this new dimension of community development. If you would like to contribute to or want more information on this endeavor, contact us at info@Hallsley.com.