Off the Wall Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen gadgets just keep getting better and better, and much more fun. A new kitchen may look nice with grey cabinets and a subway tile backsplash, but the appliances you have are what you will use every day. Helpful kitchen gadgets can be as simple as an avocado slicer or a Keurig, but let’s take it one step farther with these five “off the wall” kitchen trends.

  1. Hands free functions – Having a kitchen that works with you is what every new homeowner dreams of and it starts with hands-free connectivity. A no touch MotionSense faucet from Moen is perfect for sticky fingers, full hands and children who may not be able to reach the handles just yet. Also try automated lights to save energy when you walk out of the kitchen and install automated timers that will alert your smartphone when food is ready.
  2. Countertop beer brewing is as easy as installing a smartphone app. With the PicoBrew Zymatic, you can turn a small piece of your countertop into a microbrewery. This 20.5-inch machine brews various ingredients for about four hours leading to a fermentation and chilling period. This process allows the beer last for up to three weeks in your own keg. It is perfect for outdoor BBQ’s and game Pale ale, anyone?
  3. A Click & Grow indoor plant garden – How many times have you been cooking chicken parmesan and went to reach for fresh basil leaves, only to find there were none close by? You could walk out to the garden and pick some or have full control of what food grows in your kitchen with this farm-to-table inspired appliance. A Click & Grow Wall Farm has specialty lights and water irrigation system to grow seeds you select all year round. This appliance is customizable based on size and fresh food is never out of season.
  4. Steam ovens are getting big hype in kitchens all around the world for their ability to cook food much faster and provide more consistency in home cooked meals. A steam oven is a game changer for any kitchen as this appliance can revive stale leftovers in minutes with minimal effort. This oven brings sous-vide cooking techniques right to your home and is available in various sizes.
  5. Interactive refrigerators have swept across the country as being the “must-have” in any modern-day kitchen. What used to be an appliance for keeping butter and milk fresh can now tell you the weather, take pictures of the food inside for easy shopping runs and have built in wine chillers. High-tech fridges are also combining other appliances into them such as a Keurig or hot water tap to allow for all around efficiency and act as a space saver. The prices may seem steep, but with busy families and a better sense of kitchen control, they are worth every penny.

The next time you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen, think about what you will use more and how to get the most out of this family inspired room. Can the countertops wait or should you splurge on that fridge you have been eyeing? New appliances are being released and updating at a constant pace so focus in on your needs and bring fun back to the kitchen.

What gadget have you had your eyes on?