Help Name HB – Our Very Own Hallsley Beaver!

Did you know that Hallsley has a furry new resident? He or she is our very own Hallsley Beaver. While our beaver doesn’t have a name as of yet, we will call her HB (short for Hallsley Beaver) for now. But, I know she will want a more glamorous name in the near future. So, please enter our Name the Beaver contest to see if your name suggestion is the winner.

HB seems to have made her home in the Hallsley Marsh Lands near the corner of Colwyn Bay Drive and Drumone Road. East West has recently completed construction of new walking trails and wooden bridges in that area of Hallsley which provide optimum viewing opportunities for beaver sightings. Our resident student photographer, Tyler Proctor, has been on the look-out for a cute photo op of our furry neighbor but the Hallsley Beaver does not want to cooperate. Currently, we have found the tree she prefers to sharpen her teeth on and the area that we think she has decided to build her home. It may look like we found her bathroom, too….yikes.
With our new resident moving in, I started to wonder how HB may spend her days. I tasked my nine-year-old Christian Moore with the job of doing some beaver research on the National Geographic Website. He discovered some very interesting facts about beavers. We hope you will enjoy Christian’s findings:
· Beavers are herbivores…that means they eat twigs, bark and plants but no meat.
· Beavers can live to be 24 years old.
· Beavers are really good swimmers and can hold their breath for 15 minutes.
· Beavers build dams to make ponds. They may even use plants, stones and stolen clothes to decorate their dam. One beaver in Louisiana even used stolen $100 bills to build his dam.
· Beavers build a home called a lodge from mud and sticks.
· Beavers can swim five miles per hour.
We are eager to find a fitting name for our new furry Hallsley resident so please remember to enter the Hallsley Beaver Naming and Coloring Contest. Download the pdf by clicking on the art below. Submit your name and artwork to Prizes will be awarded for both children and adult participants.
Written by Christian and Tiffany Moore; as appeared in the April issue of Hallsley Living. Photos by Tyler Proctor.
Name The Hallsley Beaver