Central Bark Dog Park

Henley_Dog Park_webCentral Bark Dog Park – The Place to Be

With the warm weather upon us, more play dates will be scheduled with furry family members at Hallsley’s Central Bark Dog Park.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best tips to keep you and your dog stress free while enjoying the park with your neighbors.

  • Allow for balanced play. The goal is to allow excitement that does not escalate into aggression. Ensure if one tries to hide or shows discomfort by lunging or flashing teeth, call the dogs away from each other.
  • Plan ahead if it is your first time. Try to scout out the park prior to peak times so you and your dog have time to explore without worrying about meeting new dogs.
  • Train the collar grab at home. There will be times when your dog is tired or not getting along with others. To remove it from a situation that is escalating, a collar grab might be in order. To train your dog how to respond to a collar grab, follow these steps:
  • Gently take hold of your dog’s collar, and with the other hand move a treat over his its nose towards its eyes until it sits.
  • Give the dog the treat and let it go.
  • Practice the move for a few days.

This teaches your dog that having its collar grabbed is routine and it will respond accordingly when at the dog park.

  • Use the park activities and train your dog on days that there aren’t many dogs to play with and distract his attention.
  • Don’t forget to bring a pocket full of treats for your dog and others.
  • Most importantly, enjoy Central Bark and learn your dog’s queues for when he or she is too tired or overwhelmed.

Lastly, please be sure to clean up after your pet as well, so Hallsley stays as beautiful as it is today.