Playhouse Village Comes To Hallsley

DSC_0017Lilliput Play Homes is adding a little more flavor to the architectural diversity at Hallsley. More than twenty years ago, a husband and wife team created their first Victorian Mansion playhouse because they couldn’t find one to purchase for their daughter.

Over the years they have designed towns and neighborhood-like playhouses to create imaginative places for children to enjoy. The Hallsley Residents’ Club will be home to four of these structures placed in a wooded village setting connect by sidewalks and benches. Located near the clubhouse, pool, and playground – they will be enjoyed by children and parents. The selected playhouses include the Cotton Candy Manor, the Princess Cottage, the Grocery Market, and the Town Square.

The first of these has been temporarily installed at the LifeStyle Builders and Developers furnished model in the Westhaven neighborhood at Hallsley. Here you can see what will surely become one of the favorite features of the Hallsley Residents’ Club!