A Little Hop in Your Step

I love anything that is a little out of the ordinary.  It brings a smile to my face and a little hop in my step, so imagine my surprise when I recently toured a home currently under construction in Hallsley and made an unexpected discovery on the second floor.  It made me pause and wonder when I had last seen one in a home.

a little spin

Many people regard stairs as a boring, utilitarian aspect of homes but interesting stairs can also be viewed as an opportunity to be distinctive – to do something bold.  It can be a memory point for those that tour your home.  In this case, I had just discovered a shiny, new spiral staircase that led to an alcove of third floor rooms in one of our new homes.

Are you wondering about the last spiral staircase you walked?  I immediately remembered ascending a recent spiral staircase in a lighthouse similar to one of the ones below.

spiral at lighthouse

I also remembered reading about one of the most recognizable spiral staircases in the world.  Some say, it is in Rome, inside Vatican City, in the Vatican Museums.  This staircase is a true work of art.

sprial in the vatican

Throughout the world there are many cool spiral staircases and it’s neat to know that one is also being constructed in our corner of the world in Hallsley.  See if you can find it!