New Kitchens in RVA

White Bright Kitchens Today

I thought it might be fun to see what homeowners in our city are selecting for their new kitchens today.  National kitchen trends point in many different directions so is Richmond in style or behind in the times?

I tagged along on a recent selection appointment for one of our custom builders in Hallsley and interviewed design consultant & owner – Megan Gregoire with Affinity Designs.  Here’s what I discovered for kitchens in RVA:

Cabinets:  Black or White

“Lately kitchens have been either black or white – buyers are moving away from wood tones completely for their custom cabinetry. And the white is white white or soft white with the black becoming a very dark brown – java black.”

Traditional Styles are Going Away

“Styles are still mainly craftsman or shaker-style versus traditional.”

Simple Kitchens are Back!

Granite Still Tops the Market

“Granite is still the top selling countertop but our buyers also like marble and quartz.”

Simple Backsplash

“Simple backsplashes are hot in this market right now.  Glass and subway tile as backsplash are the most popular.”

Old School Character

“Kitchens are becoming more simplistic in design but rich with “old school” character.”


How do you think RVA compares with all of the other trends you’ve read about in magazines or seen on pinterest?  It’s refreshing to say that we are styling hot with a few of the national kitchen trends.

The other bit of news is that kitchens are continuing to shape the personality of our homes today so if you are building a custom home or remodeling it’s the right room to invest careful thought and detail.