Massey Home Of Hope

The eight luxury homes on the Massey Street of Hope are designed to inspire and impress. They have modern floor plans and delightful design elements. But one on the street is not like the others: Its sale alone could raise $250,000 for the VCU Massey Cancer Center.

The Home of Hope – 16500 Sheff ord Drive – is being built, designed, outfitted and furnished by local businesses and vendors that are donating their profi ts to Massey. Builder, Perkinson Homes looked to do something different, creating a Maine cottage for the new Chesterfield neighborhood. The two-story, 2,846-square-foot house features a modified Dutchhip roof with a gable as the focal point of the facade and a portecochere leading to an attached garage.

Click on the image below to download a pdf of the Home of Hope floor plan. For details on purchasing the Home of Hope, click HERE.
SoH Color Rendering Floorplans-PERK 2“This style is something we don’t see very often in this area,” says Brian Perkinson, one of the company’s founders. “We aren’t a traditional transitional builder; we’re not afraid to take some risks.”

That risk-taking spirit is welcomed by Perkinson design consultant Shannon Tootle, who says she aimed to embrace nature by blurring the distinction between “inside” and “outside.” With that in mind, the home has a reclaimed wood ceiling and old barn beams, natural stone and marble, and a “Nana” kitchen window — three windows that open accordion-style from the kitchen to the terrace. “You can serve your guests straight through the window or just enjoy the breeze on a beautiful day,” Tootle says. Though it may be unusual for a custom home builder such as Perkinson to build a home without a particular client in mind, Tootle says the design elements in the house are the best of what’s currently trending and should appeal to any savvy home-buyer.

Tootle says Perkinson’s unique approach to home-building dovetails nicely with the Home of Hope. “We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in our homes,” she says. “Philanthropy is important to all of us…which is why working on the Home of Hope has been an amazing experience and opportunity to give back and raise money for cancer research.”

Perkinson partner Will Massey says the company’s decision to take on the Home of Hope wasn’t easy, but all the partners were willing. “It’s the biggest commitment any of us have made,” he says. “As the name behind the charity house, we are thinking, ‘How can we do things diff erently? How can we do things better?’ We want to make a nice, desirable home.”

Ferguson donated the kitchen, bath, and HVAC for the home – amounting to over $100,000. Perkinson Homes and East West have also contributed over $100,000. Additional sponsors for the Home of Hope include:

Allura • Closet Factory • Pella Windows • Perkinson Hometown Realty Team
Commonwealth Curb Appeal • 89 Paint • Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
A Shade Above • Pottery Barn • Pottery Barn Kids