Enjoy Farm To Table At Hallsley

Enjoy FarmAs the warm weather approaches, we are very excited to let you know that Broadfork Farm will once again be offering delivery of their wonderful vegetables to Hallsley! NEW this season you get to customize what vegetables, bread or flowers are in your share, and you can choose weekly shares or bi-weekly shares.

Broadfork is a organic vegetable farm owned by Janet Aardema and Dan Gagnon located right here in Chesterfield County. If you are looking for a way to feed your family the most nutritious, delicious produce around, and support your local farmer and economy, click here to sign up to join their Farm Share today! The delivery will run from May-November and pick-up is weekly on Wednesdays at the Residents Club from 2-8 p.m.

The new, customizable Farm Share uses a software that ranks your preference for the vegetables that Broadfork grows. This tells the system to always give you salad when available, or never give you cilantro, or whatever your preferences are. Additionally, each week in which you are to receive a share, you get an email showing you what the system has calculated that you would like most for your share (based on your preferences and the availability of products for harvest at the farm). You then have until Tuesday morning to make changes to your share — you can swap out items based on your desires for that week, or you can add on extra items as you wish.   

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about the Farm Share, please email info@broadforkfarm.net or call 804-337-6540.  You can also visit their FAQ page here.