Broadfork Farm Delivers Fresh To Hallsley

Broadforks Farm

It’s the time of the year where the weather is warm and farm fresh healthful produce is ready to be eaten. Today’s, we have companies that ship you all of the ingredients to cook dinners right to your door. Although the deliveries are convenient during our busy schedules, it takes out the “old school” satisfaction of picking out your own selection of produce for your meals. Luckily, the Broadfork Farm has started a trend that Hallsley residents can be a part of!

They’ve created a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – group that allows a rewarding relationship between the growers and consumers of food. Due to the financial support of local community residents, the farm is able to grow produce that is Certified Naturally Grown, clean fair, transparent, nutritious, and delicious. Their plan is to provide these CSA members with a diverse range of vegetables to pick from weekly. The farmers receive the cash in the beginning of the season – when expenses are the greatest – and the consumers are able to pick up the produce at the farm in Chesterfield.

The way the CSA process works is that each Hallsley members receive a share of the vegetables each week from May 2 through November 28. CSA members get first priority to the most variety and best selection of vegetables. With a membership in Braodfork Farm CSA, Hallsley residents can have access to these Certified Naturally Grown and fresh vegetables.

In addition to the having the first picks of the produce, CSA members may choose to purchase a bread share and receive weekly loaf/loaves of Broadfork Farms organic, naturally leavened and hearth baked bread baked on the morning of pick-up. The variety of bread includes seed loaf, raisin & cinnamon, sunny greens, whole wheat, tomato & basil, etc.

This season marks the eighth year that Broadfork Farms has been in business, so make sure you ask around to hear how much their CSA members have enjoyed our vegetables over the years! For more information about the Broadfork Farm CSA, visit