Wandering The Trails Of Hallsley

Hallsley Trail MapBehind the southern property homes in Hallsley lies 7.2 miles of concrete, asphalt mulch, and wooden nature trails. East West Communities, the developer of Hallsley, strives to create fun and inventive amenities that combine nature with learning – allowing fun for all ages. The resident surveys show that the trails along the creeks and ravines that surround the Hallsley property is one of their favorite amenities.

East West Communities have added other enjoyable qualities along these trails. Throughout the 7 miles of nature trails can be found fairy doors, pocket parks, gazebos, a story book trail, and bayou boardwalk that has been constructed through the community wetlands. . Other amenities also include Stop A-Whiles; which contain park benches, arbor swings, and overlook an aspect of nature of either the beaver pond or the creek. The trails may also take you to neighborhood parks of both Saville Park or Massey Hope Street Park, and others yet to be completed. With the 14 bridges connecting the amenities of Hallsley with the natural open spaces within the community, it is east for residents to travel along these trails to explore the hidden treasures of their community.

The trails go around the Tom Sawyers Fishing Pond through the Hallsley Residents Club and Park that features the playhouse village, tree house playground, fire pit, volleyball court, bocce ball, tennis courts, zipline, and pool. Currently, East West Communities are working on marking the trails to highlight the 5k and 10k run walk or jog for their residents.

A quarter mile of the trail includes an area known as Storybook Lane, dedicated to the younger demographic of Hallsley’s residents. They can explore the trail to read a story that is separated in order in different designated areas. Every month or so, the stories will change to keep Storybook Lane innovative and interesting.

The culture of Hallsley is taking the normal things in community development and making them magical. Go see for yourself, all it takes is just one step out of seven miles of creativeness and imagination.