Engaging Backyard Fun

Swing Into “Engaging” Backyard Fun

Having an outdoor play space is a great way to keep your little ones entertained while you tend to your to-do list or simply enjoy a cold drink on the porch. However, with new technology around every corner, parents often struggle to keep their kids engaged in outside activities. So, how do we keep outdoor play spaces exciting? Take a look at these outdoor play area options to help revive your kid’s backyard space.

  1. Swap the sandbox for a pebble box: While sand boxes are a fun and creative way for kids to play; piles of sand always end up being tracked into the house. This can be frustrating, especially if your reason for sending the kids outside was so you could clean. Not to mention, studies have shown that breathing in dust from the sand can be harmful to a child’s health. Swapping sand out for small “pea pebbles” is a cool way to add variety to outdoor activities. The new material provides different textures and colors for the kids without tracking a mess into the house. Sounds like a win-win. As with all small items, keep an eye on young children to avoid choking hazards.
  2. Exciting swing additions: If you have a sturdy tree or an existing swing set then you’re in luck! There are an array of exciting new swings on the market right now. If your child is in to skateboarding or surfing they will love the Swurfer. For more sedentary activities, like reading or giggling with friends, there is the HugglePod. If you’re constantly settling debates about who gets to swing next, then you should consider the SkyCurve, which can hold up to 4 kids at a time.
  3. Lacking yard space? No problem! Use the wasted space beneath your deck to build a playhouse or fort. Now the space has new meaning and the yard isn’t consumed by your kid’s toys.
  4. Get glowing with a chalk board: Nail a chalk board to your playset or fence and allow the kids to explore their creative side. For an added bonus, give them glow in the dark chalk and send them outside to draw while cleaning up after dinner. 
  1. In-ground trampoline: Dig a hole the size of your trampoline and then place the it inside the hole and you’re done. Less of an eye sore for you and less tumbles off the trampoline for them.
  2. Seesaw upgrade: The old school seesaw can be dated as far back as 1902. It’s about time for an update. Cue the WonderWave. This awesome collapsible creation allows kids to experience the same exciting ride as the seesaw, but gives them the option to fold it up to take to a friend’s house (when you need some peace and quiet).

It is important for kids to get fresh air but it’s challenging to keep them entertained. If you’re looking for cool new ways to liven up your kid-friendly outdoor space, then consider looking into some of the options above. They’ll be out of your hair and you’ll be the coolest house in the neighborhood!

What other home playground activities do your children enjoy? Let us know!