2016 Color & Design Trends

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Hallsley Is On Trend

Color and Design Trends from National Design Manager

Ruthanne Hanlon, nationally recognized home color and design manager, recently visited Hallsley to present on the national color and interior design trends for 2016. You’ll be glad to know that Hallsley is right in line with these national trends.

With this in mind, below are key takeaways from Ruthanne’s presentation in case you’re deciding to update your fixtures, paint colors or appliances this year.

Color Trends:

The color of the year is “Paradise Found,” representing the ease and rejuvenation of the outdoors.

  • In addition to the color of the year, four new trends were released for 2016
    • IMPERFECT grasps the imperfections of natural materials; the finishes of colors aren’t always perfect and feature hues that are blended, uneven, and nuanced.
    • HYPERHD mixes dazzling brights with softer neutral tones, this trend mimics the tech and natural worlds converging.
    • LUCID DREAMS meld colors together as an expression of softness. Gentle combinations of delicate pastels and light neutrals are perfect for homeowners seeking to escape the technology driven world.
    • KNIGHT’S WATCH is a selection of colors that represent excellence, durability, protection, and brawn. An army of darkened hues, varying in degrees, lends serious weight to the force of the palette.

Design Trends:

  • Materials are important, returning to natural woods and imperfect materials for countertops, flooring and accents throughout the house. These materials work well with the I/MPERFECT color trend.
  • Investments in color are high on the list, especially with the HYPERHD color trend. Instead of just painting an accent wall, colorful tiles, appliances, and permanent fixtures are applied.
  • Smart appliances are making their way into homes more frequently and convection cooking is on the rise. Matte black smart appliances are especially popular with the KNIGHT’S WATCH color trend.
  • Nature is blending with interior rooms of the home through textiles, colors and materials — working well with the LUCID DREAMS trend. Blending the outdoors with indoors by lessening the transition to courtyard entertaining areas is a tip to the color of the year, Paradise Found.

These are just some of the color palates and design trends Ruthanne shared. To view all of them all, click here.